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Cluster API provider renaming

By Maël Kimmerlin

Renaming of Cluster API provider

Backwards compatibility for v1alpha3

There is no backwards compatibility between v1alpha3 and v1alpha2 releases of the Cluster API provider for Metal3.

For the v1alpha3 release of Cluster API, the Metal3 provider was renamed from cluster-api-provider-baremetal to cluster-api-provider-metal3. The Custom Resource Definitions were also modified. This post dives into the changes.

Repository renaming

From v1alpha3 onwards, the Cluster API provider will be developed in cluster-api-provider-metal3. The v1alpha1 and v1alpha2 content will remain in cluster-api-provider-baremetal. This repository will be archived but kept for the integration in metal3-dev-env.

Custom Resource Definition modifications

The kind of Custom Resource Definition (CRD) has been modified for the following objects:

  • BareMetalCluster -> Metal3Cluster
  • baremetalcluster -> metal3cluster
  • BareMetalMachine -> Metal3Machine
  • baremetalmachine -> metal3machine
  • BareMetalMachineTemplate -> Metal3MachineTemplate
  • baremetalmachinetemplate -> metal3machinetemplate

The custom resources deployed need to be modified accordingly.

Deployment modifications

The prefix of all deployed components for the Metal3 provider was modified from capbm- to capm3-. The namespace in which the components are deployed by default was modified from capbm-system to capm3-system.