Metal3 (pronounced “metal cubed”) is an open-source project that provides a set of tools for managing bare-metal infrastructure using Kubernetes.

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Why Metal3


The Metal3 Project's mission is to empower organizations with a flexible, open-source solution for bare metal provisioning that combines the benefits of bare metal performance with the ease of use and automation provided by Kubernetes.


There are a number of great open source tools for bare metal host provisioning, including Ironic. Metal3 aims to build on these technologies to provide a Kubernetes native API for managing bare metal hosts via a provisioning stack that is also running on Kubernetes. We believe that Kubernetes Native Infrastructure, or managing your infrastructure just like your applications, is a powerful next step in the evolution of infrastructure management.

The Metal3 project is also building integration with the Kubernetes cluster-api project, allowing Metal3 to be used as an infrastructure backend for Machine objects from the Cluster API.
These components integrate seamlessly to leverage the Kubernetes ecosystem and automate the provisioning and management of bare-metal infrastructure.

Metal3 Components

Enables the creation and management of physical servers using the Kubernetes Cluster API.

Automates the provisioning of bare-metal servers using the open-source Ironic project.

The core component in Metal3 responsible for the provisioning and management of bare metal servers.

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