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Metal³: Deploy Kubernetes on Bare Metal - Yolanda Robla - Shift Dev 2019

By Pedro Ibáñez Requena

Conference talk: Metal³: Deploy Kubernetes on Bare Metal - Yolanda Robla, Red Hat

Some of the most influential minds in the developer industry were landing in the gorgeous ancient city of Split, Croatia, to talk at the Shift Dev 2019 - Developer Conference about the most cutting-edge technologies, techniques and biggest trends in the developer space.

In this video, Yolanda Robla speaks about the deployment of Kubernetes on Bare Metal with the help of Metal³, a new tool that enables the management of bare metal hosts via custom resources managed through the Kubernetes API.


Yolanda Robla Yolanda Robla is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. In her own words:

In my current position in Red Hat as an NFV Partner Engineer, I investigate new technologies and create proofs of concept for partners to embrace new technologies. Being the current PTL of Akraino, I am involved in designing and implementing systems based on Kubernetes for the Edge use cases, ensuring high scalability and reproducibility using a GitOps approach.