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The new stack Metal³ Uses OpenStack's Ironic for Declarative Bare Metal Kubernetes

By Pedro Ibáñez Requena

The new stack Metal³ Uses OpenStack’s Ironic for Declarative Bare Metal Kubernetes

Mike Melanson talks in this article about the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Colorado. Where bare metal was one of the main leads of the event.

During this event, the OpenStack Foundation unveil a new project called Metal³ (pronounced “metal cubed”) that uses Ironic “as a foundation for declarative management of bare metal infrastructure for Kubernetes”. He also comments on how James Penick, Chris Hoge, senior strategic program manager at OpenStack Foundation, and Julia Kreger, OpenStack Ironic Project Team Leader, took to the stage to offer a demonstration of Metal3, the new project that provides “bare metal host provisioning integration for Kubernetes.”

Some words from Kreger in an interview with The New Stack:

“I think the bigger trend that we’re starting to see is a recognition that common tooling and substrate helps everyone succeed faster with more efficiency.”

“This is combined with a shift in the way operators are choosing to solve their problems at scale, specifically in regards to isolation, cost, or performance.”

For further detail, check out the video of the keynote, which includes a demonstration of Metal3 being used to quickly provision three bare metal servers with Kubernetes or check the full article included below.