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Baremetal Operator

By Pablo Iranzo Gómez

Introduction The baremetal operator, documented at, it’s the Operator in charge of definitions of physical hosts, containing information about how to reach the Out of Band management controller, URL with the desired image to provision, plus other properties related with hosts being used for provisioning instances. Quoting from the...

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By Eduardo Minguez

Originally posted at In this blog post, I’m going to try to explain in my own words a high level overview of what Metal3 is, the motivation behind it and some concepts related to a ‘baremetal operator’. Let’s have some definitions! Custom Resource Definition The k8s API provides out-of-the-box...

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The new stack Metal³ Uses OpenStack's Ironic for Declarative Bare Metal Kubernetes

By Pedro Ibáñez Requena

The new stack Metal³ Uses OpenStack’s Ironic for Declarative Bare Metal Kubernetes Mike Melanson talks in this article about the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, Colorado. Where bare metal was one of the main leads of the event. During this event, the OpenStack Foundation unveil a new project called Metal³...

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Metal³: Baremetal Provisioning for Kubernetes

By Russell Bryant

Originally posted at Project Introduction There are a number of great open-source tools for bare metal host provisioning, including Ironic. Metal³ aims to build on these technologies to provide a Kubernetes native API for managing bare metal hosts via a provisioning stack that is also running on Kubernetes. We...

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